For Deeper Discovery

If you are already a Bible student and want to try to dig a bit deeper, then there are so many different ways you may be wishing to go, and we are not going to pretend that we stand a chance of catering for all needs, but in this section of our site you will find various items of more serious study, as well as links to external sites where there is other material for you to consider.

In this section there are Study Papers on various deeper subjects; a Bible Timeline so that you can see how the various people and events in the Bible fit together in chronology; an area where you can read the Bible and look at its structure in the original Hebrew and Greek with searches and cross references to help and even some puzzles which demand a greater knowledge of the Bible than in the childrens' sections.

If you want anything that we have not offered you here then we suggest you contact us and we will see what we can provide.